MariaK offer clinical development services for pharmaceuticals in phase I-IV and have experience as consultant for different pharmaceutical companies in the conduct of multicentre clinical research studies with experience in following therapeutic areas:

Cardiovascular disorders – AMI, Non STEMI, AF, Hypertension, Stroke/thrombosis prevention
CNS – Epilepsy, Alzheimer´s, Parkinson, MS
Psychiatry – Sleeping disorder, Depression
Endocrinology – Diabetes, Obesity
Oncology - Breast cancer, NSCLC
Internal medicine – Rheumatology
Hematology – AML, Von Willebrand disease, Hemophilia A
Intensive Care – Sepsis
Otology – Meniere's disease
Infection diseases – Pneumonia (children)
Anti-virals – HIV

Org no. 556751-7668, Stockholm

Maria Klockare, BSc
Clinical Project Manager
Nybrogatan Business Center

Visit & delivery address:
Nybrogatan 6, plan 5 (3 tr)
114 34 Stockholm

Mail address:
Box 5855
102 40 Stockholm

Mobile: +46 70 623 25 05
E-Mail: maria@mariak.net
Homepage: www.mariak.net